Past conferences

15 September 2016
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Aging of population is a global problem. Extending active longevity is the only chance to overcome the looming crisis of mass retirement of "baby-boomers" generation. Modern regenerative technologies allow for longer support of working and social activity of people of retirement age, reducing the load on the healthcare system and country economy.
16—24 February 2016
19th International Moscow School of Physics (44th ITEP Winter School of Physics) is scheduled for February 16-22, 2016 and will be held in a hotel situated at a picturesque cite near Moscow (the particular place will be specified later). It will be immediately followed by the satellite School of Heavy Hadrons and QCD on February 22-23 at the same hotel.
9—13 December 2015
MIPT, Dolgoprudny
M-DLS Workshop will be held in MIPT. M-DLS (Martian Diode Laser Spectrometer) experiment is a part of the ESA/Roskosmos’ ExoMars-2018 landing platform science program.
18—21 November 2015
MIPT, Dolgoprudny
International Conference " Engineering & Telecommunications - En & T 2015" conducted MIPT in collaboration with partners in the programs and projects of international cooperation in the development of innovative technologies.
20—26 October 2015
MIPT, Dolgoprudny
The “III MIPT-UEC Workshop: optics, atomic and molecular physics” is the third workshop organized in the frame of the international collaboration between MIPT and UEC (The University of Electro-Communications, Tokyo, Japan). The workshop covers the fields of optics, atomic and molecular physics.
21—24 September 2015
MIPT, Dolgoprudny
Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) is a thin film coating technique, which has gradually manifested itself as a powerful tool to fabricate ultrathin, highly uniform and conformal material layers for many applications.
10—12 September 2015
MIPT, Dolgoprudny
II International conference PHYSTECHMED devoted to 50-th anniversary of department of life systems physics. During the conference graduates of MIPT of different years working in life science industry in different countries will deliver presentations and will report on their scientific achievements obtained during years of their research activities.
7—27 September 2015
MIPT, Dolgoprudny
International workshop “Discrete Geometry” is intended to bring together some recognized experts in the field and young and promising mathematicians.
12—25 July 2015
MIPT, Dolgoprudny
International Summer School of Modern Astrophysics is primarily aimed at graduate students and postdocs working in the field of astronomy and astrophysics. During the first week the introduction to the field will be given in the form of lectures. The second week will be devoted to the practical work with observational data.
29 April — 1 May 2015
“Northern” BioPharmcluster
PhystechBio Conference is an annual and the vastest event of “Northern” BioPharmCluster at MIPT. It presents a platform for discussion of issues of interaction of science and industry, place for the dialogue on implementation of advanced Russian researches and technologies into the World`s Healthcare.
11—12 December 2014
Borodin Hall, Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology
Computational materials discovery is the ongoing scientific revolution. Our сonference gathers the top specialists in this field in an informal atmosphere. Our aim is to facilitate free exchange of ideas and learning of modern methods from their developers.
24—29 November 2014
On November 24-29, 2014 the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology holds 57th MIPT Scientific Conference with international participation dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Pyotr Kapitsa.
12—25 November 2014
Seminar on programming in the framework of the World Championship.
9—10 October 2014
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University), 9 Institutskiy per., Dolgoprudny, Moscow Region, Russian Federation
Interdisciplinary philosophy is the crucial point of success for the mordern medicine technologies. The most important tasks of biological and clinical research is validation of the new scientific results, organizational models and new methods of personalized treatment. The conference is devoted to a wide range of this problems and aimed to join together leading specialists of different expertise: biology, medicine, mathematical modeling. Send abstracts till the 1st of October 2014:
1 January — 1 September 2014
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
Conferences took place in MIPT in 2014.