M-DLS Workshop

M-DLS Workshop will be held in MIPT. M-DLS (Martian Diode Laser Spectrometer) experiment is a part of the ESA/Roskosmos’ ExoMars-2018 landing platform science program.

In addition to its primary purpose – a landing carrier for the ESA’s Mars rover – the platform includes science payload aimed at long-term monitoring of the Martian atmosphere. Scientific goals of M-DLS include analysis of the local atmosphere by laser spectroscopy and vertical profiling of the troposphere by heterodyne technique in the solar occultation mode. It is envisioned that M-DLS will provide an unprecedented sensitivity in methane and hence, will give clues to the Martian organic chemistry and potential biogenic activity on the Red Planet.

Along with M-DLS team members, world’s leading experts in laser and heterodyne IR spectroscopy are invited to make their contributions to multidisciplinary discussion.

9—13 December 2015
MIPT, Dolgoprudny
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