International joint MIPT and I.M. Sechenov First MSMU workshop PHYSTECHMED III «Productive longevity and regenerative technologies»

Aging of population is a global problem. Extending active longevity is the only chance to overcome the looming crisis of mass retirement of "baby-boomers" generation. Modern regenerative technologies allow for longer support of working and social activity of people of retirement age, reducing the load on the healthcare system and country economy.

MIPT, together with I.M. Sechenov First MSMU, organized international workshop on “Productive longevity and regenerative technologies”. Its main objectives are information exchange on the main trends in longevity medicine, fundamental research, forming the base for regenerative medicine, educational lectures by leading scientists and organization of interaction between Russian and foreign researchers in this direction.

15 September 2016
Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
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  • Roumyantsev Sergey — Md., Ph.D., professor, FMBA Russia.
  • Enikolopov Grigory — Ph.D., professor in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and Stoney Brook University (USA).
  • Artyukhov Igor — Ph.D., Biology of Aging Institute Science Director.
  • Leonid A. Gavrilov — Ph.D., Senior Research Scientist for the Center on the Demography and Economics of Aging with NORC at the University of Chicago.
  • Natalia S. Gavrilova — Ph.D. Senior Research Associate, University of Chicago.
  • Kopylov Philipp — Md., Ph.D., professor at I.M. Sechenov First MSMU.
  • Moskalev Alexey — Ph.D., professor at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
  • Kiselev Sergey — Ph.D., professor, FMBA Russia.
  • Morozov Sergey — Ph.D., Director of Institute of general Pathology and Pathophysiology.
  • Deev Roman — Md., Ph.D., Medical Director of Human Stem Cells Institute.
  • Temnov Andrey — Md., Ph.D., Sklifosovsky Research Institute for Emergency Medicine.

Preliminary program



Time Speaker name Organization Topic
9 00-930 Registration
9 30-945 Roumyantsev Sergey Ministry of Healthcare of Russia Introduction
9 45-950 Yakovlev Maksim Sponsor Greeting
9 50-1030 Enikolopov Grigory Stony Brook University Brain Stem cells: aging and regeneration prostects
10 30-1050 Artyukhov Igor Biology of Aging Institute Aging, mortality and longevity: tendencies and prospects
10 50-1110 Gavrilova Natalia Chicago University Testing biomedical theories of aging with population data
11 10-1130 Gavrilov Leonid Chicago University Application of systems reliability theory to the problem of aging
11 30-1150 Melerzanov Alexander MIPT Aging as a disease and precision medicine
11 50-1245 Coffee-break
12 45-1305 Kiselev Sergey FMBA IPSc in Regenerative Medicine
13 05-1325 Morozov Sergey Institute of Pathophysiology Stroke rehab by peptides. Research data
13 25-1345 Deev Roman Human Stem Cells Institute Peripheral Atherosclerosis treatment
13 45-1405 Temnov Andrey Sklifosovsky Research Institute of Emergency Medicine Peptides for skin repair. New research data
14 05-1425 Tatiana Serebriyskaya/Vladimir Kuznecov MIPT/A*STAR Precision Medicine in Oncology
14 25-1440 Mishra Apoorva MIPT White, beige and brown fat transformations
14 40-1455 Shulgin Andrey Molecular Biology Institute Targeted delivery to neurocells
14 55-1510 Artyukhov Alexander Molecular Biology Institute Cell model for Altzheimer Disease
15 10-1530 Prozoroff Alexander/ Valery Boyarintsev MIPT/ KB No. 1 DFC of the President of the Russian Federation Semantic processing of biometric data in critical care medicine
15 30-1550 Kopylov Philipp I. M. Sechenov First MSMU Cardiovascular aging
15 50-1640 coffee-break
16 40-1700 Shibashis Giri Leipzig University Liver Regeneration
17 00-1740 Mario Krause The German center of personalized preventive medicine Inflammation as cause of depression
17 40-1820 Moskalev Alexey MIPT Aging Pathways and potencial geroprotectors
18 20-1840 Moskalev Alexey MIPT Presentation of the book "Potential geroprotectors"
18 40-2000 coffee-break